Glasgow DiSmeat: The Meatening


Works for me



EDIT: I just didn’t know how far away it is because i have no spacial awareness when it comes to Glasgow.


trying to not get too excited.

I’ve been asking my bf all week if he’s excited about his birthday and I keep on being met with a “Not particularly, it’s just another day isn’t it?” which is totally true and fair enough. I must stop forcing my excitement on others. It’s probably a bit scary (and annoying :blush:)


it’s just outside the centre into the east end (near where you were looking at flats, actually) but it’s not too far back into town. WEST is similarly good and about same distance out.

CCA is a nice spot too



Who’s begbie this time then?


always you




Fuck it.

YAAAAAAAAY!!! :airplane:


Hahahaha! I’ll look up flights on my lunch!


that’s Edinburgh you TOURIST


So loud that you managed to fall asleep in there???


mate we’ve all been there




It was amazing. Think he then wandered off towards a chippy for a dirty late night snack


Have we???


I was wrecked! I should have gone for a nap when I got into Lopes’ house earlier that day. I can confirm that I got a chicken tikka kebab on the way back to his place.




sorry meant to say “happens to the BEST of us”


Wot r u sayin m7?