Glasgow DiSmeat: The Meatening


oh was I not clear I was saying the best people fall asleep in loud places while simultaneously implying you are not the best for claiming otherwise


Thanks for clarifying x




7th April


Hide the twiglets


Another deaf old prick here voting to look beyond Sleazys.

I think my first meat was in 13th Note with @ghostpony , then a bunch of others including @UnicornPorn @xylo @sheeldz et al.

Drygate is the obvious correct answer. Only 10 mins walk from George Square.
Or CCA (have successfully meated there in the past).
Or Mono.
Or WEST and/or St Luke’s/Winged Ox and/or bourbon/pizza bar that’s just opened on Gallowgate between Barrowland and St Luke’s. There might be something going on in the BAAD backyard next door

East End crawl, yo!


I’ll go wherever but yeah would prefer to able to hear what people are saying.

Would prefer somewhere with wanky beers but happy to just moan about it if not.


St Luke’s is nice but is it a bit far for people coming from the station? It’ll be raining.


I agree with both points you make here, although I won’t moan as long as I don’t have to drink rubbish drinks.


Reckon we should just settle on Drygate. Because… because. All the beer.

Or whatever. I am easy… As long as there’s nice beer :wink:

… and by nice beers I mean SOURS.


Oi, @unlucky gonna be in Edinburgh for a few nights in Feb, with a possible @witches meet, how easy is it for you to get across for possible beer?


I live near Edinburgh too, and it’ll be a good chance for me to continue my be-nice-to-Edinburgh-people new year resolution


It’ll be a weekday and a sedate one as it’s mine and the fiancée’s holiday


Closer to the time just let us know a date and time and I’ll see what I can do.


oh hey rich


Hey man. Same goes.


let us know dates etc, would be great to have a beer :beers:


^March 2010(!)

Sorry, @xylo :wine_glass:


oh fuck. i remember everyone ending the night trying to wedgie each other outside.


That last photo has bogled my brain. It’s upside down! AND @xylo ! How dare you be in scotland and not tell me!

I am aware we did not know each other at this point in life :cry: BUT STILL!!