Glasgow DiSmeat: The Meatening


Valetine’s Eve.


You can share a romantic drink with my fiancée


I choo choo choose your fiancée



Meant to say, salt horse has two sections to it, the bar and then the shop which also has seats. If it’s not full make sure you sit in the bar!!, It’s better.

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You get there first then and save the seats


Haha!! I might ring and ask if it’ll be busy later. If so I’ll see if I can book a table for us. It’s normally pretty quiet tho.


Was thinking about this morning but forgot to post.

I should be there early-ish


What time you thinking of getting there?


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I just rung up and booked us a table from 7pm! It’s under my first name, which some of you know… so I’m hoping the ones that do know it get there first :smiley: I didn’t have the balls to ask them to write anything DiS related. If you are worried then DM me and I’ll reveal all my secrets… or my name at least.


got tricked into clicking this thread

this isn’t about glasgow AT ALL




not sure i’ll be in the country, but if i am then YES


I will ignore the first part of that sentence.



oh yeah, I think I can make this now, we totally failed at getting tickets to that brewdog thing


YES! GOOD! I am glad you failed!! :smiley:

(sorry you failed)


Doing work in a pub (maybe be one mentioned by ctl a second ago) right now so can head over whenever. But it will probably be like 6ish if not summoned earlier.


Ah we’ve wandering into Kilderkin. Will probably get to the SH around 6ish too


Haha you neglected to mention this when we met :sweat_smile:

Anyway hope y’all have a great evening! Merry meating :beers:


I’m in Kilbride for 2 hours this evening if anyone wants a pint.


East or West?