Glasgow DiSmeat: The Meatening


sort of in between.




i’m not in scotland. it was a joke. a scottish joke.


Good one :smiley:


Ah. Thunderbirds etc etc


That’s largely moorland I think. For some reason East and West Kilbride are absolutely nowhere near each other.



got a big bag of tins on the moors, aye.


I’d already screen shotted this so might as well post it @profs


Saw someone walking a dog called Haggis earlier.


Would you like to see a video of the Whirlies Roundabout in East Kilbride? Of course you would. BEHOLD:

The video calls it a nightmare, despite it showing absolutely nothing remarkable whatsoever. There is a bonus exchange about an insurance claim in the comments though.


quite calming really


It’s just a big roundabout controlled by traffic lights, nothing difficult about it at all. This is my hometown before anyone starts slagging off EK btw.


Whirlies is a solid roundabout :+1:


Have fun tonight edinburgh meaters! :+1:


Yeah, speaking of which, I’m going to be a wee bit late. Will be there more like half past!


EK meat, we’ll all go to the ice skating?




Night out in EK, can’t think of anything worse!

They have some crazy climbing frame thing high above the ice rink now though, we could do that.


Just leaving. See y’all in about 45 mins, depending on the traffic