Glasgow DiSsers - curry


Any recommendations for a decent curry house near Central/Queen Street stations??


Had the best curry of my life in Koolba on Candleriggs, but since I haven’t lived there for years there might be better ones around.


hmm. all my favourites are in the west end.

there’s a place called charcoals on renfield st was decent, that’s two mins from central


just jump in a taxi for the 5mins it’ll take to get to mother india cafe opposite kelvingrove art gallery, it’s worth it


Bit latr but only one I can think of chakoo (sp??), never been myself but meant to good.

@japes can I have yer list of west end ones for future reference, please?


I’m quite a fan of Ushas (sp?) on Byres Rd.


Wee curry shop above jintys is really good as well


mother india’s for dinner / mother india’s cafe for lunch
wee curry shop in ashton lane
wee curry shop on byres road (which is called something else now)
shish mahal on park road


Banana leaf banana leaf banana leaf banana leaf

(not in the centre)


Ranjit’s Kitchen is nice and not that far from central (10 mins on the bus/train, or half hour walk) - small, simple etc.

I like most of the places mentioned and also a fan of Balbirs but haven’t been in years.


shish mahal :thumbsup:


there’s also wee curry shop by cowcaddens so just about still central