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Not gonna lie, I’m going a bit crazy working and living on my own. So, time for another meat? Sometime in Feb? Drinks? Food? Edinburgers can come too.

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I’ll be in Edinburgh every weekend in Feb except the last one (23/24?)

Was thinking the 16/17th ideally

few of us heading down to Manchester for the dis gig that weekend


I can’t do 15-17 or 22-24 :frowning: I’m very into the idea otherwise though

Tentative yes, although Feb is crazy busy with both of our birthdays, a family 30th, a charity doo, and various other things so might not manage along to a weekend night out. However I would gladly meet for coffee or lunch or a drink after work during the week (I’m in GLA Mon, Tues, Thurs and Fri most weeks.) xx

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yeah up for this but can’t do the 16th/17th

Ok seems like this might not be the best time to try a meat :slightly_frowning_face:. Let’s try a dates poll anyway and see what we get.

  • 08/02
  • 09/02
  • 15/02
  • 16/02
  • 22/02
  • 23/02
  • 01/03
  • 02/03
  • A Thursday

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you’ll almost certainly have to plan 2+ months in advance to get something that works i’d assume :slight_smile:

Sounds like a plan, although wouldn’t be able to do this month. March, however, yep, up for that.

So then, 2nd of March. Glasgow, drinks, maybe food, somewhere.

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I’m at a 30th in Coatbridge that night.

Shouldve voted in the date poll then eh? (Doesn’t look like there’s much enthusiasm anyway)

I can sense your enthusiasm for this.

I’d be very up for this but I’ve got tickets to two of the film festival screenings that night :frowning:

I thought I’d voted but clearly didn’t…

It’d be a different story if it was this side of town…

Coatbridge is a special special place.

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