Glasgow fire

Last one was just a wee bonfire compared to this. Mackintosh building and the O2 ABC fully destroyed from the looks of it. :frowning:

Yeah it looked pretty bad when I walked past and looked like it got worse from an instagram story I saw.

Really sad but… don’t think anyone was badly hurt, which is some relief.

Gonna feel weird having 2 bits of Sauchiehall St blocked off due to recent fires.


Just remembered the discoball in ABC too :frowning:



Oh my god :confused:

Awful news, especially being so soon after the last fire.

Just dreadful. Sounds like it was only a few months away from re-opening which is heartbreaking.

Heartbroken :cry:

Yeesh. Wonder if it started at the O2 place instead, surely there were measures taken at the Mackintosh to stop it developing there…

Nah apparently it was art school first then spread to ABC

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I remember going there when I was sixteen and the library having a huge impression on me. Really feel the loss of this artistic and cultural milestone.

looks pretty fucked like

The school’s going to be partially demolished

this is really sad

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Sadly can’t really see any other way out :confused:

aw man

So sad but I think somewhat inevitable