Glasgow football-a-side thread

Are you interested? When could you play? Where in Glasgow would you play?

If we can get enough for 5-7 a-side that’d be great, or we can sort an exhibition game against some of the players I play with - I think the Glasgow Clyde Old Timers might offer appropriate challenge…

I’ve tried arranging this before but failed.

  • Monday night
  • Tuesday night
  • Wednesday night
  • Thursday night
  • Friday night
  • Saturday daytime
  • Saturday night
  • Sunday daytime
  • Sunday night

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  • Anywhere in Glasgow - I’m happy to drive or public transport
  • Scotland Street - Super Soccer
  • Pollokshaws Road - Goals
  • That place on the M8
  • That place in Townhead
  • Glasgow Club - Nethercraigs
  • Somewhere in Paisley
  • Somewhere else that Keith hasn’t been or suggested and that you’ll specify below

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Can anyone see this?


I’d posted in Uncategorized…

sup keith good work.
i’ve ticked my preferences in the poll but in reality would probably play any time outside office hours.
think a fair bit o the ol tagging would help this thread
others as well innit


I would like to play - just for fun right? Nothing too serious… Have bad memories of playing 5-a-side and some guy getting annoyed because I didn’t put the ball right behind my head for a throw in.


Aye I’d be game, Glasgow Green and Firhill Complex are decent too

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The fuck plays throw-ins in a 5s game?

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we were on a pitch shrug


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Ha sorry didn’t mean to bring back bad memories

i thinik we can agree that this will be just for fun, although i will take any plaudits, glory and/or financial rewards if they become available at any stage. answer the poll!


@eems - I’m putting you in vice-charge of this project.

Tim Smeeaine, if you will.

I play at the place at townhead with work, powerleague. It’'s got everything you need really.
Happy to travel anywhere as long as it’s not too much of an arse ache to get to from Partick by public transport.

I could probably make any time outside Wednesday and Friday but would probably prefer Monday to not play 2 nights in a row.

Would be good to get this going.

Cool do I get a big worth my initials on?
Smeeaine idgi

One of those huge sleeping bags thst Arsene Wenger wears?

i’ve voted as well but i’m happy to play monday, tuesday or wednesday nights

we normally play at firhill (and i can book it there if ye need) but i’m happy to play most places tbh

So we’ve currently got six (possibly eight with Lopes and Wza…)

Are there any more from Glasgow?

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@hanshotfirst maybe?