Glasgow football-a-side thread

@casinobay? Does @japes @football?

What version of @craigfoley is currently in play?


@BringYourOwnWine this won’t be remotely competitive.

Would be game but I live a fair bit outside Glasgow, couldn’t really make it on the regular.

Plus I’m total pish. Cheers for the shout though bud.

It’s probably not going to be too regular - most of us have our professional football careers to think about.

Lorra time focused on babyrelatedstuff at the mo, so have been reading this (and pretty much only stuff I’ve been in tagged in to - the system works! all hail the new forum!) with interest and vague intent but can’t go all in with a commitment. There are pitches at the Velodrome and also Haghill (both through the council’s Glasgow Club, I think). I’ve got what’s likely to end up being acceptable fitness but shockingly unsilkyskillz. #Savage #Vinny #BiteYerLegs But yeah, if something gets firmed up that I can make, I’ll try and get in on it. I’ll try and keep an eye on this, but page me in, yo. x

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fraid not

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Just say you’re scared.

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That too.

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Right, I think we have nine.

One won’t play unless it’s 7s because of his knees.

We can sort some ringers to make up 14 but I’ll give it a couple of days to see if we get a full DiS squad.


If all goes well we’ll be giving @aboynamedgoo 's lot a game of 11s

I can play if.
Only thing that’s stopping me is my dodgy ankle.

Anywhere in Glasgow, any time.

Centre midfield.

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That’s ten!

I’ll give it until Tuesday to gather any final expressions of interest…

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Is @blind_pilot in Glasgow?

What’s the crack with goo?

nah he defected to London i believe

There needs to be some kind of spreadsheet we can check.

What about UnicornPorn?
Reckon she’d make a brilliant right back.

She’s probably better than the rest of us.