Glasgow help


Best boozer near central station before getting the train


I’d probably go to Stereo on Renfield Lane.




Glasgow? Help!


The one in the station! :beers::beers::beers:


Glass cow, help?


Four pack of m&s belgian lager and a samosa as is standard


That’s for the train home chief


If you were in Edinburgh you wouldn’t need a pub, you could buy a bottle of Buckfast and drink it on the street. But no, not in Glasgow.


… because it’s after half four so all the Buckfast is of course sold out.


did you ever see that video of the american teenage missionaries who were trying to raise funds for their trip to glasgow? it was all about how deprived glasgow was and how we urgently needed their help etc. they were coming over to make a real difference.

remember trying desperately to find it a while ago but i think it’s been deleted off the internet.


Yes. It was excellent.