Glasgow Meat - 5th October 2019

I’ve been threatening this for some time. When can we do this?

  • Friday 20th Sep
  • Sat 21st Sep
  • Friday 4th Oct
  • Sat 5th Oct
  • Friday 11th Oct
  • Sat 12th Oct
  • Fri 25th Oct
  • Fri 26th Oct

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Was just gonna make this thread woo! No go for the 27/28?

you’ve just made me realise I have a very boring two months coming up lol

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Pfft, it’s a rarity you’re normally a always busy bee

I have a very busy couple annoyingly! Fri 11th/Sat 12th would be the abolsutely best days for me but I’ll make it work surely

Not for me but if everyone else is keen no worries

Nah we deffo want a Witch-filled event


Fridays feel a bit faffy with work and stuff so would prefer a Saturday but I will be there if it’s on a date I can do

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This thread has made me realise how busy my Sept /Oct is- not just with weekend stuff but with black-tie work stuff/ client entertaining on Thursday nights, or THurs/Friday overnight trips to london, which means I’m going to be despo to see my wee one come the weekend. Having said that, there is one weekend that looks better than the others, but I’m not going to vote, because I’d hate to vote for a date that I then bail on- however I’ll do my best to get along to whatever is picked. xx


Me too! I don’t finish till 5:30. But thought I’d chuck the option in just in case.

Pre-meat train-beerz-meat is where it’s at

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I have hockey now on Saturdays so although I can make a Friday there’d be no drinking for me.

You could be my AF buddy :rofl::scream:

@japes @casinobay @Lo-Pan @laika @burninginstructer @keith

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There are dates in October I definitely can’t do but need to check with Wor Lass when they are.

September isn’t great for me because of family visits and birthdays and things.

Sorry folks, I hate to tell you but I can make quite a few of these dates!
Me and leafs and unicorns…AF Team


Some intriguing votes from @Jamos and @Songs_about_ducking

Only no drinking on a Friday. Saturdays I’ll be lining up the shots.


The 12th is definitely OK for me; Wor Lass is unable to confirm other availability until she’s back at work tomorrow.

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