Glasgow Meat - 5th October 2019

I’ve not been to drygate, so that would be fine with me. Does it do food?

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Yes, and good food at that


I’ll get my PA to add it to my e-diary.

I’ll go anywhere the masses want to go. That’s why they casinobay the lemming.

I’ll double support going to Drygate again.

Or Shilling (the pizza was very decent last time.)

Is Drygate a bit far east?

I’m generally ok with anywhere as long as it has tables and liquid that is not beer.

charming that eh. pick a date i canny make it. :weary: :wink:

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Yeah there’s also a good pizza place over the road.

Awww lopes, its the polls!! :sob: just cancel your other plans.


Aw drat :frowning:

As someone coming from outside Glasgow, Drygate is fine with me.

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Aye but you’re not a female having to walk through the east end at night to get to the underground.

Ah, sorry - misunderstood where you were coming from, that’s a totally fair point.

I suppose it depends what time we’re meeting - could always go there early on and move on somewhere in the city centre proper later on?

I like Drygate but would happily meet nearer in town (or West End) if people feel happier.