Glasgow MEAT - Feb 29th, 6:30pm, Platform

Shall we have some drinks and food?

  • Saturday 29th Feb evening
  • Saturday 29th Feb at Big Feed (daytime)
  • Saturday 15th Feb evening
  • Saturday 15th Feb at PLATFORM (daytime)
  • Saturday 8th Feb evening
  • Saturday 8th Feb at PLATFORM (daytime)
  • Other February date

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@laelfy suggested food (which I think is a good idea) and possibly an afternoon MEAT (might suit the non-Glasgow crowd) but, as ever, democracy will prevail.

Evening votes should include suggestions of bars or restaurants to visit.

Can Big Feed/Platform not be an evening thing? I have hockey on Saturday afternoons so the earliest I can do would be 5/6

Prefer evenings but would do either, can also do Fridays, but just not the weekend of the 15th! Meant to be in the anti Glasgow (London), though have booked no aspect of the trip ofc

Yeah, that works too - I got the impression you preferred an afternoon but that’s totally fine.

Nope, would prefer an evening (but anything after 5ish should be fine)

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You coming to Glasgow @rich-t?

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Nah, winding up. Would love to meet you all again though, but not this time.

I can actually do all of these I think.


@Withcheese @Witches

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@anon19035908 ?? Really??

I wish! Sorry just being my usual mischievous self.


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One day!

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Won’t vote cos can’t commit but politely request to be tagged for reminder as and when the time comes xxx


Right, I’m calling the date as 29th February.

I think Big Feed might be on that weekend but it’ll either be there or PLATFORM.


I have a school reunion that night (which I may well dingy- not decided yet.) One day I’ll make another DiS MEAT(free). (ish- I had fish and chips and a haggis supper tonight, SO SUE ME.)

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You’re living all of our dream lives.

Yas I’m there

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Not been to big feed recently. But last time I went in winter it was freezing.

Also, can’t believe you closed the poll.

There did seem to be a decent majority.

Would your vote have changed anything?