Glasgow NYE(ish) meat

Hello! I know I mentioned this a long time ago before I disappeared but I’ll be celebrating Hogmanay up in Scotland this year and would love to meat with you wonderful Scottish dissers if you’re about? I reckon I’m only available for a couple of dates once I’m back from Loch Lomond so what better way to get over the festive overindulgences than by continuing to booze for one more day. So help me if you’re all doing dry January this year*

  • Thursday 3rd January
  • Friday 4th January
  • Start a public poll and see which date is more preferable for the Scottish dissers

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  • Glasgow
  • Glesga
  • Glasgae

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I’m completely at the mercy of you chaps for location cos I don’t know Glasgow all that well but you all talk so fondly of Sleazy’s…

*please do come along anyway, soda and lime on me.

you go for months and THIS is how you return??? NOT IMPRESSED


What a prick eh

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I meant to start this thread a very long time ago. I’ve felt quite anxious about coming back, I don’t quite know why?

Is everyone ok?


probably because some dickhead would all up in yr face

I am trying to think of developments. Literally nothing has happened. Epimer got a robot hoover.


don’t be anxious about posting here we’re all pricks*

*good to have you back pal x


Of course he did!

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I can’t even remember the real name for them?

For all of his owls?

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@DJRoomba ?

Dr Robot Hoover

Never change DiS.

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Thanks man! I trust you’ve picked yourself up some new garb for the winter?

you go for months and THIS is how you return??? VERY IMPRESSED


Im in Glasgow next weekend, can I hijack this thread for recommendations or start a new one

The floor is yours.

i aim to please…

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On-going talks with pals about going somewhere remote for New Years so not sure when I’ll be back so can’t vote as yet.

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We’re still on for NYE dinner though right?

I’ll start a new one next week, don’t wanna be that guy and steal the thread!