Glasgow NYE(ish) meat


It’s both of our xmas nights out with work that night!


I’m in for this one, will get to a Glasgow meet eventually!




Sorry ctl, didn’t mean to step on your Glasgow toes my man :confused:


Don’t drink any Tennant’s would be my advice.


We’re all effectively topping up from Xmas and New Year innit :grinning:


He should switch it to a tour of the Tunnocks factory instead


He was like ‘thought we could go on a brewery tour’ so I was like ‘sweet’ thinking it would be Drygate :frowning:


Very disappointing to see so many people misspelling Tennent’s in this thread.


I’m OK. I’ll be sticking to Iron Broo


I just copied Keith.

This wifi password at The Hippo Taproom (RIP) was ‘naetennents’ took me about 6 attempts and 2 trips to the bars


It’s all good, whatever suits the most people innit, plus will be great to have a beer with you! :beers:


You too boss, canny wait :beers:


Think drygate tours are Sundays only, which seems less than ideal to me.


Seeing the oompa-loompahs outside smoking on their breaks does compromise the chocolate factory magic somewhat.


My bad - sorry @Unlucky.


Bank holidays tho?


Aye and the rest :grinning::wink: