Glasgow NYE(ish) meat


I’m sad I won’t get to meet you po :frowning:


I know! It’s my dad’s 80th and the party of, well, the decade (since the last big one):laughing: If it was a bit closer to Glasgow I’d just get you all down for it. Men of Motown are playing and there will be free drink (also you will realise why I don’t want to sack this one off) :star_struck::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I’ve not been on the actual Tennent’s tour, but (from the point of view of someone who passes the place at least twice a day and, having seen some behind the scenes bits and bobs) the building/upgrade work suggests that they seem to be investing in the whole thing and putting an effort into making it an ‘experience’. And the scale of the place alone means it ought to be an interesting alternative to a smaller setup. Should be reet.


Yeah I had a nosy on the website and it looks grand, just sad it isn’t more hipster-y of beer is all. Seems like an appropriately Glasgow thing to do while I’m up there so I’m we’ll game.


guy i linked to in the grafitti thread the other week has just done some work on the interior too -

also bear in mind that when you’ve finished the tour you could literally walk next door and fill yr boots with decent beers in drygate


Good stuff man :paintbrush:

Oh sweet, didn’t realise they were neighbours :grinning:


On the same site, strictly speaking. Drygate is housed in what part of the Tennent’s bottling/storage works (Drygate is a Tennent’s parent company/Williams Bros joint venture). But yeah, you’ll need to walk round the corner.


Hijacking this thread in case any Glasgow folk don’t go on the music board (sensible), and are interested in a young fathers ticket for the academy tonight:


I´ll be in Bishopbriggs for 45 minutes if anyone wants a tennents.


Can you explain why?


Some people just like bad local lager?




unfortunately I won’t be able to go to this in the end :frowning:

hopefully catch up with you at a dis meat soon Jez xoxox


Ah nooooo :sleepy: I’ll be at the London one boss so we can catch up then :blush:


Is it confirmed for Friday 4th ???


I think so! I was a bit inconsistent with my polls in the op but I’ve planned for the 4th now. I’ll do another for numbers.

Friday 4th January then:

  • Nice IN Sleazy
  • Glasgow School of OUT

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Do I need to book anything?


A place to stay?



Have you warned the bars of Glasgow how much buckfast they need to stock up on?