Glasgow NYE(ish) meat


GUYSGUYSGUYSGUYS. This isn’t long. Let’s get EXCITED!!!



Also, where the heck is this happening? Sorry, I know there’s a whole thread above me that will reveal all. I’m just wanting to summon JI for an exciting chat.




Might go to Sleazys that night but watch from afar.


HYPE! I think (hope) it’s happening at Sleazys but I massively need to lean on you lot cos I don’t know Glasgow that well. If anyone fancies booking a table I’d be very grateful :blush:


I nominate @japes


I nominate @japes too.


Have you met any of this lot before then?


don’t think they take bookings, like


What time do Glasgow meats normally end? Thinking about how to get home.


late! My last train home is half 11, which is early :sob:


I haven’t met any of these rascals, no. But I know things :eyes: (basically niki’s told me everyone’s lovely).


Come and say hello!


ooh Jezza, giffnock is on my train line, if it doesn’t go on too late we can be train buddies.


I haven’t met niki, so in theory I could be a monster.


Lol ‘could’.


P.S. I say ‘late’ but because I go home earlier than everyone else I actually have no idea :woman_shrugging:


Once I get a flat in Glasgow you can stay at mine.


YES! Was gonna Uber it depending on how mashed my gourd gets but train buddies is best buddies.

I’m on a promise that I’ll behave myself because we’ve got a family meal the next day but, y’know.


Aww, thank yoooou :blush: