Glasgow recommended places thread. (rolling)

Rolling thread.

I want somewhere for my wife and i to go dancing tonight. 34yo. Any ideas?

Buff Club?

Yes discourse, I will be reviving this topic!

Heading to Glasgow for a mini-break next weekend, never been before, and staying quite centrally. Are there any restaurants that anybody would recommend as a “nice place” to “eat”?

Not sure why I put the inverted commas in, tbh.

Also, I would really appreciate any recommendations for exhibitions/museums/things to do at the weekend…

Don’t things have to be alive in the first place to be revived?

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Any preferences/dietary requirements/budget, etc?

Weird, I just coming on to ask for any new places to check out. (Any where good for a nice cocktail and solo drinking/book reading…probably not)

Fair point!

  • Open to pretty much anything
  • Vegetarian/vegan preferably but not essential
  • Preferably under ÂŁ80 for two people

Stravaigin is good, caters to all.

For vegan stuff, Stereo (or Mono or 13th Note) in centre (bars), Serenity Now (cafe with pancakes and lunch stuff)

Will rep Southside a bit, if you get train Pollokshields East, 1 stop on train from central, can go to:
Tramway: old tramshed now art gallery
Ranjits Kitchen: really nice veggie Indian
Koelschip Yard: craft beer pub across the road from Ranjits
Bam: Nice coffee/cake place and vintage shop
Glad cafe/Glad rags: Nice bar/venue and vintage shops attached to it
Queens Park: walk up to flagpole for nice views around Glasgow.
Some Great Reward: Coffee shop and record shop
Sacred Tums Tacos: Nice Mexican place
Queens Park Cafe: sort of old man pub but quite diverse people
Bell Jar: Nice bar
(Then get train back from Queens Park to Central)


Monday bump!

Not sure if Mother India’s/ Cafe are open (closed for a bit of refurb earlier this month) but both very good.

@Unlucky and @laika are my best resources for V/VGN stuff and I really like Stereo/ Mono/ 13th too.


My standard recommendations are always:

Paesano - really good pizza for less than a tenner. It’s on Miller Street in the city centre which is handy for the GoMA.

Mother India’s Cafe - great curries and right across the road from Kelvingrove Museum


Hanoi Cafe is good food, it’s in the West End though and that may scare you


Shawarma King


See also McNeills and the Laurieston both :+1:

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Search for the going on Holliday to Scotland thread from last summer too

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The State Bar.


Ox & Finch has a full veggie menu available and is brilliant if you want something a bit “posher” but still in a pretty laid back environment.

Alchemilla also very good, and the new place from their old head chef Gloriosa is meant to be decent too.

Will also echo the recommendations of Mother India’s Cafe which is just down the road from the above.

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Can’t believe I forgot Paesano!

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ka pao in the west end is owned by the same folk as ox and finch and seems good for vege / vegan stuff. it’s south east asian tapas.


Sacred Acre is a cool cafe just on hop over from Queens Park railway station if you’re following unlucky’s suggestion.

I quite like Loop N Scoop on Great Western Road, near to Oran Mor. Does brilliant vegan oreo ice cream and the churros are very good. They’re opening a Victoria Road branch soon as well.

Not been to pubs, so can’t say. Pal’s liked Abandon Ship, but their bosses turned out to be scum, so avoid that.

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