Glasgow recommended places thread. (rolling)

Probably gonna check out Rudi Zygaldo at swg3 tomorrow

Forgot to add that I wasn’t expecting something this size


That is quite a big spoon right enough


I’ve got a couple of tickets for Julie Byrne I can’t use for tonight’s gig in mono.
Gratis on a first come first served if anyone is interested?!

Good deal for Glasgow folk!


Not been to cafe andaluz in ages.

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Neither have I but I think about the black pudding and chorizo stew quite a bit

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Damon good dish that, as was that orange goats cheese thing


Looking for a wheelchair accessible lunch option not too far from Glasgow bus station if anyone has any recommendations?

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I’ve just looked at Google Maps to see if there is anywhere I’d been but that’s a very weird spot.

You’re obviously quite close to chain Italians or other chain options in Buchanan Galleries.

I’ve eaten in Ardnamuchan and it was good but it might be a bit rich/ fancy for lunch. I quite like the look of Kelp but might also be too rich/ fancy. Masob in the other direction might be too far (and up a decent incline coming back.

I can’t speak for their accessibility either, although the chains are probably a safer bet.

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Mosob is up some stairs and don’t think there’s a lift

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Hmm struggling a fair amount of steps round there, like Keith said there’s a food court in Buchanan Galleries that has a ramen place and Korean place and lifts and a fair amount of space. There’s a place nearby called Little Vietnam that’s on the level (but cant vouch for the accessibility otherwise or the food but reviews look good)

A bit further away Mowgli and topolobamba, seem decent for accessibility

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Yeah, forgot this key piece of information.

Alright my lovely Glaswegian internet pals.

I’m coming up for the Dawnwalker gig on Dec 9th. Gonna meet up with some babes, before/during/after…will you be one of them?

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Fucking hell - that night appears to be the busiest day this year in our house.

I’m not sure I’ll make it out later (or for the gig) because it might be Wor Lass’s Xmas do and we’re going to a kids show at 4.30 but there might be a sweet spot around 5-6 where I might get some respite…

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Would love to have done both but family xmas plans have gazumped me :frowning:

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The idea Xmas family plans this early in December is wild to me.

A friends of the family/parents of my old school friends Christmas meal *

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Got my hotel booked :blush:

Wonder if @lo-pan might make an appearance?


Wish I could but down somewhere south of London for the night. One day Scout

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