Glasgow Restaurants - family edition

Can any of the Young Team recommend a place I can take my parents on Friday for an evening meal?

Wor Lass will bring the child so it needs to be family friendly. My dad doesn’t eat spicy food or anything foreign like pizza.

This might benefit from contributions from @eems @TheWza @Lo-Pan @laelfy @japes because you either have children or know people in Glasgow who own them. If @anon32406580 pops her head in, that might be useful too.

We always go to the Burnbrae with my niece when I’m up.

It’s shite, don’t go there.

Was going to suggest Toni Macaronis which is good for kids. Obviously it’s Italian and not amazing but does some standard chicken/fish dishes.


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I should add that The Child doesn’t have teeth yet and will be in a sling on Wor Lass.

Also, are you specifically wanting to be in the centre? My knowledge is mostly south side so could suggest places there.

I hadn’t thought of that. I don’t love their food but that will be my first reserve.

I was thinking your kid was a bit older when I suggested it.

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To be honest, I don’t mind where we are as long as the food is good - both of my parents are quite hard to please for different reasons and I know any party with baby aren’t going to be top of most restaurants’ most desirable customers.

Scotland, everyone!


I dunno, I’ve thought long and hard about this but it kinda sounds like the parents don’t actually like food.

My parents are the same so every meal out is a garden centre.

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You’ve never been to the Tony Macaroni Arena?


Blue Lagoon?


You’re only paying for the name and the Justin Bieber endorsement.

Ann’s Fry is the Gorbals chipshop of choice.

We normally cook when they visit to avoid this problem but they’re insisting they take us and the baby out to save us the hassle.

I’m aware it’s a real first world problem.

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Are you thinking baby’s gonna be asleep in sling the whole time? If so just go wherever the fUck you want. I never take my baby out to dinner. More trouble than it’s worth. Sometimes we go for lunch at bread meats bread which is quite poor but light and spacious.

By this I mean what are your criteria for family friendly?

Allowing babies in after about six. I know we could rock up to Brexitspoons with her in the sling but that wouldn’t be much of a treat for anyone.

CCA (downstairs) or Drygate?

Which is basically my stock answer to any where should I go to eat/drink? question. But we’ve been to both of those for early evening scran on a Friday night (i.e. done and dusted by 8pm) with MiniWza + guests, and it’s been grand.

Your parents, like mine, sound like fussy fuckers who, as @shinymcshine states, don’t actually like food as who’ll not be satisfied with anything other than Harry Ramsdens°, so just go where you want and have them tough it out.

(°Is that an option? Dunno. Haven’t been in one for decades.)

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