Glasgow Restaurants - family edition


Once your baby starts moving round of it’s own accord you’ll see


I kind of got the impression that fussy fuckers wouldn’t want vegan food, otherwise I would have suggested CCA or Mono.


I hadn’t even considered Drygate! It’s technically walkable from where they’re staying too! We might have a winner!


Fair. She’s just turned eight months, so not beyond high chair, knee, or buggy yet. Can imagine that the toddling thing can be hard work.


When yer folks are nigh-on unaccommodateable, it’s hardly worth trying. Don’t bother viewing the menu, order them a seitan burger and a pint of Joker and that ought to be as good as can be hoped for.


If the baby is happy in its sling and not eating, then I’d not factor in its needs (apart from perhaps checking that they have a changing facility).

What kind of food does your dad like? You say not foreign, but does he eat seafood? Steak?


It does defo get harder once they are mobile/ decide that they hate highchairs. We tend to go for Italian restaurants with the toddler. Principally because he likes pasta (esp lasagne), but also because Italian waiting staff will always coo fondly over the fact that he is being frankly borderline satanic, and in the three restaurants we go to regularly they will take him away for a wander/ play while we finish off our food/ inhale our wine.


Gonna bite the good line “needlessly defensive” here but… with our large Italian community?


Who is that again? Greenock or Dumbarton or someone?


just seems like a very silly name for a restaurant. like calling an indian restaurant Uncle Currys or a french place Colette Baguette etc.


Herman Ze German?




also a terrible name.


But not Scottish :wink:


If he’s eating out, it’s either fish and chips or a carvery. My mother doesn’t really eat much anyway but is usually quite happy to try different things. I could have quite fancied a pizza or a curry but he doesn’t really like cheese or spice.

We’re going to do Drygate as there are options for both on there. Thanks for the tip @TheWza!


Duck club in partick has good food, is well
Priced and kid friendly


Don’t think it’s right this time but I would definitely eat there in future.

We should have another Glasgow Restaurants thread.


I’ve never been but the Ox and Finch in the west end has been recommended to me and it’s not too pricey either


Fuck it, take em all for some ramen :+1:


It’s nice but I think it might be a bit flash for my parents.