Glasgow/Scotland Dissers

Anyone around this weekend and up for a meat? Open to suggestions…

  • Friday 17th
  • Saturday 18th
  • No thanks
  • I’m not around

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Depends on the kind of meat…

Well they tend to involve drinking and/or eating so along those lines

I would love to MEAT you but I have a silly busy weekend coming up.:stuck_out_tongue:

You’re always busy!

ALthough if Saturday is rainy then the garden party I’m off to will be canned, and then I might be free so I’ll keep an eye on the thread. :star_struck:

I would normally have suggested a beer after work on Friday (that is probably my best time to get out, as on a Saturday I try to avoid the city if I can) but this Friday I’m wfh as I have appointments down the coast! Pah.

Just me again? :cry:

I’m interested in both and will check the diary.

Big Feed wouldn’t be on those days though.

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Will it not? To be honest I’m just bored and looking for something to do so not really bothered.

First and last weekend of the month.

We could Platform though.

Think that’s off too because of a fitness convention - edit: nope just the Sunday

Platform at the arches is always a good shout- handy for public transport too. Are you thinking day or night? I’m just thinking that I may be heading through Glasgow central area (with wean, right enough) late afternoon/ early eve on Saturday, as I was going to drive to garden party (giffnock) but actually think I’ll do train to avoid car spewing from bairn.

Dunno to be honest I was just scouting to see who was around and hadn’t really come up with a plan. I’m open to doing whatever suits everyone.

Will town be mega busy with football fans?

Got a pal visiting (who some of you met in 6dn in Edinburgh last August) so can’t commit to anything, but we might be able to call in on Saturday if we’re at a loose end

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the scottish cup final is the following saturday so this weekend shouldn’t be any busier than usual


I’m terrible with dates and had decided it was this week.

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I’m going to be in London this weekend, otherwise it would have been a yes from me!

i want to go to platform