Glasgow/Scotland Dissers


Fine by me


I should be saving money for my holiday and I went to platform last week, but could maybe come for a pint or two


Neither of those are good enough excuses, come.


The first one is very good, I think.


Since I’ve already opened a thread with this title - can anyone recommend somewhere to get a car serviced and MOTd in the west end? Can think if I’ve even seen a car garage here.


Theres one on Crathie drive, think @laika might have mentioned using it.

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I went to Partick Auto Electrics but Crathie Motors is just around the corner, does MOTs and has decent reviews @laelfy .


Thanks :+1:


i go to deutschtek in woodlands

mainly because its really close to my flat

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Right so @keith @japes and @Witches - Saturday at Platform sound good? What time?

@unlucky @UnicornPorn @cutthelights - if you were to come what time would be optimal?


good for me. lunch time? 12 ish?

I’m easy oasy, so whenever


Oh I thought we were talking late afternoon/early evening. I’m getting my hair cut at 12:45 so it’d be 3pm at the earliest for me.


oh right fair enough

fine for me


I wouldn’t plan anything round me, will let you know if I plan to come along.


there’s a big orange/unionist march on saturday morning/early afternoon so you might want to avoid the city centre till mid-afternoon at the earliest…

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Aaah sorry I should have said this was a tentative yes. Feeling a bit exhausted at the moment so was going to see how I felt on the day, sorry I know that’s lame.


My thing in Glasgow tomorrow has been cancelled, so we won’t be in the city unfortunately. xx


Hello! So sadly it’s a negative from me. sorry for the lameness, I really want to see everyone soon. Will be at the next meat covered in bells. I hope you have a really brilliant night (obviously you will) xxxxx


Popped into platform earlier for a drink but couldn’t see you

If you’re still about let me know


Yeah me and japes are by the food and are just getting another drink

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