Glasgow still number 1


round the fuckin lots of youse


Good commitment guys, let’s keep it up.


‘…but they still die younger on average than people anywhere else in the UK’.

Toffee, spade, skull and crossbones.


My great-uncle Bill, born in the Gorbals circa 1920 is still going strong. Puts it down to whisky.


It’s always whisky isn’t it. They’ll interview Mary, aged 110, on the news and ask her for the secret to longevity and the answer is always a whisky or six a day.


yeah i mind chatting to one of my all time dogs granda, he was 90, switched on tae fuck and still lived on his own.
what’s yer secret ma man?

well son, i drink a few whisky every day!


He’s got a FB account too, and his grandson puts photos of him. Looks about 70.


My uncle’s probably just stolen the years off all the other old glaswegian men.


roll & square sausage to celebrate I think


my gran’s 88 and still going strong, no medication or fuck all. don’t think she’s eaten a vegetable since the 60s.

subsists purely on tea and biscuits.


I think you just need a reason to keep going. For some that’s a love of whisky, for others it’s biscuits.


In all seriousness though our country is so, so rich and the lack of investment in our poorest areas is a fucking embarrassment


Question: If Scotland left the glorious union of the kingdoms, would this shit get better?


I worked in The Whisky Shop for a wee while and there was an old lady there who would use whisky to treat everything. Midge bite? Whisky! Cold? WHISKY! Just bathe yourself in a big vat of Whisky. I once caught her dabbing some fancy stuff on a cut on her hand.


we better link the journo who wrote that to this thread, sounds like this “research” is a load of baloney


His grandson looks about 70 or he looks about 70 in the photos? I mean if he had kids ~20 and his children had kids ~20 then I guess his grandson would be about 70.


Yeah, sounds about right. Could they have got the cash together to do it though? Like I’m sure there’s a big enough ‘left’ in Scotland that those kind of policies would get a party in to power (a good thing), but in reality could they actually follow through on it?


No I meant my 90 something great uncle looks about 70.


Oh yeah, I have got all confused. :smiley:


Rejected Desitiny’s Child lyrics?