Glasgow Summer Meat 2018 - Friday 20th July


Hello all,

So democracy has chosen this date.

Was thinking we could kick off around 6pm.
Give the workers from out of town a chance to get in and also allow them a fair few hours before last trains etc. Happy to meet a bit earlier if people in Glasgow are going straight from work

These are the venues, that I was considering. Think drygate worked quite well last time though.

  • Drygate
  • West
  • St Luke’s
  • Sleazy’s
  • Shilling
  • Other (please state)

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AOB? Can’t think of anything.

Also, a few out of towners voted, they’d be about on other other dates, I’m usually free (no mates) so happy to meet then if they wanted.


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@TheWza @laika @keith @burninginstructer @JaguarPirate @Witches


@Jeremys_Iron Please. state.




No thanks.


Anywhere is fine with me!

Tho, you obviously know my beer preference.


V possibly,if I’m not queuing up outside Vue in beach wear with the other old ladies to see Mamma Mia (here we go again). We might go on the Saturday instead actually (although that would be two nights out on the trot for me and i might melt). Make me a maybe x


Anywhere is fine with me too. Name it, I’ll be there.


Oi, @Lo-Pan are you able to make it?


I think so! :+1:
Can we talk about David Byrne?! Cos I think from this point on he’s all I ever want to talk about :grinning:


Could start a little club called ‘David Byrne’s Unit’


Absolutely! :smiley: I want to feel as tho I was actually there! My friends and I are kicking ourselves we didn’t manage to get tickets :confused: next time someone warn me!! I’m not good at staying on top of these things.


I’ve only been living here a week so very happy to defer to everyone else’s knowledge of where to go! :star_struck:


Will be nice to meet you!! :heart:


Will be nice to meet you lot too! Thanks for making it lurker-inclusive :blush:


Aww, all lurkers are welcome always!! Yaaay, here’s to meeting new people!! :beers:


Cheers to that! :champagne::beers::wine_glass::tropical_drink::tumbler_glass:


Oh Witches, he’s playing the hydro in October!!


:grimacing: they’re quite expensive now. Damnit

EDIT: No they’re not! Brb


LO-PAN, My friends have already got themselves tickets in a really good place! I DON’T WANT TO BE A LONER. Nggghh, I hated seated gigs.