Glasgow Summer Meat 2018 - Friday 20th July

I thought there was some (very expensive) standing tickets, when i looked yesterday.

It all looks seated to me? Am I being thick?

EDIT: Are you going?

Oh I may be getting confused with Leeds, because I looked there too.

Noo I balked at the prices.

There’s still cheapo tickets for the glasgow one, they’re probably out in space but y’know.

Eh, I bought 6 last night whilst drunk. :grimacing:
We didn’t sit much at the gig the other night

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Haha!!! Money well spent Lopes. Drunk you made the correct decision.

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I think so :grinning:

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Yeah I don’t like seated or arena gigs really so doesn’t seem worth it.

My sister sometimes gets tickets through work for leeds arena stuff so may just go if that comes up.

Now I’m post 30, I love a seated gig

Any and all

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Shite, I can’t come to this :weary:

Bollox, I’m at the Open, aren’t I?

:cry: @anon32406580 :cry:

I…eh…forgot that it was the…eh…tvs b’day that day! :grimacing::grinning:

Haha!!! Take her along!!

LPs TV - so where you taking me for my surprise b’day night out?!
LP - to meet the internet. Da-nah




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what’s this stand for?

Post can’t be empty.

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is that the one you were considering that amazing blue lace dress for?

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