Glasgow Summer Meat 2018 - Friday 20th July



is that the one you were considering that amazing blue lace dress for?


Yes purchased and being picked up tomorow :slight_smile:


Everyone still in? Will book a table.




yeah, why not


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@TheWza @laika @keith @burninginstructer @JaguarPirate @Witches

The table is booked from 6.15 under my name, send us a dm if you’re coming and don’t know or have just forgotten

(There’s a smallll chance I might not be able to come now as my pal who lives in new Zealand has told me he’s back in Yorkshire for 2 weeks from next week but have not worked when I’m going down yet, sorryyy)


Fri 20 July?


Shilling (it’s central) won the vote but correct date.


Oooh. Fair enough. Can be finished at work from four, so might get there earlier. Might go home first and come back out for half seven-ish or so.


eh… WHIT!!??!!?


Nah, cheers for organising though. Obviously hope you can still make it.


Hello :wave:t3: is it okay for partners to join? My tv is a GBOL and we both know nobody in Glasgow yet, so would both value the social interaction :smile:

Hope you can make it @Unlucky, I owe you a beer for all the recommendations you gave me!


Don’t worry, I’ll have his beer for him :smiley:

And of course!! The more the merrier!! :blush:


Nice one, how exciting!

I’m a bit embarrassed as my main contribution to the boards has been in the Love Island thread, but I will dig deep for some non-Love Island related chat next week, I promise :grin::beers:


Haha aaah nothing wrong with that!! I insist you tell me all about love island!!!


Managed to be in Germany for this didnt I? I’ll get to a meet one day …


There’s a thousand reply thread waiting for you :grinning:


Haha, I’ve actually had a sneaky peak in there! Despite not watching one episode :blush:


Folks…I’ll probably be at Shilling at about 5pm on Friday, so if you’re there early come say hi!


crap I don’t think I can make this, sorry! :cry: