Glasgow Summer Meat 2018 - Friday 20th July


Heeey I might try and swing by early depending! Need to leave early so might as well start early :smiley:


I’ll be coming from work so should be there about 6ish.

Same as @Witches, need to leave a bit earlier.


realise one of the options for this is the wedding venue for tomorrow :smiley:

quite glad I wont have to explain the internet to my friends though


I’m going to try to leave my house before six and be out as long as possible.


I’m gonna go home after work. Will likely get there for half seven.


Did @laelfy say she couldn’t make this?


:joy:I had a Pina colada at 7am so even if i thought i had the discipline to swing past for 1 on my way home tonight, let’s be honest, it’s best I don’t.

Have fun lovelies x


Yeah I have family visiting from up north for the weekend


Really want a Pina colada now :thinking:


M&S train cocktails!!


There’s no M&S between work and the subway stop tho so it’s just straight onto the pints for me, which I’m quite fine with tbh tbf


Hello! I am still on for this… my first ever DiS meat! After a couple of failed attempts. be gentle.


Walk in the rain?


Is there an M&S between Ibrox and Shilling?



kin hell. think i’ll be there about 7


Just having a quick look at the list of beers on Shilling’s website… am gonna be a bit steamin’ later.


Yes I like pina colada’s and getting caught in the rain…


I’ve seen fuck all golf because of the rain. 10/10. Going shopping in a minute.


Right so there’s no way I’m going to be in Glasgow for 5. I’m still in my flat and I’ve had a gin rendering me totally useless. Hopefully Be there by… half six…ish? Yaaaaay meat!!


Hope you all have fun tonight Dissers. Sorry I won’t be there but catch you next time! :beers: