Glasgow Summer Meat Thing 2018

Was thinking we should get another in before the Edinburgh one. Late july/early Aug? If people aren’t too busy going on holidays and stuff.

As @Witches and @japes have done their fair share of organising meats I thought I would organise this one.

  • Fri 20th July
  • Sat 21st July
  • Fri 27th July
  • Sat 28th July
  • Fri 3rd Aug
  • Sat 4th Aug

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Venue can be decided closer to the time but was thinking West if it’s nice (though don’t think you can book outside tables) and start a bit earlier? (…or Drygate again if it is inevitably not nice)

Tag away
@Lo-Pan @casinobay @hanshotfirst @TheWza @anon32406580 @keith @eems @cutthelights
Probably missed loads but I’m sure witches will be along to tag them in :slight_smile:

@laelfy can’t remember when you leave us.
@TKC I think was talking about coming up for the last one
@dots is welcome back

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Link to the late August one, so that all those people tagged here know about it too:

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Looks like I’m free for all dates at the moment.


Not sure yet where I’ll be but maybe

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got a fuck tonne on around that time but should be good for a couple of the dates, let me check and get back to you.

I’m flat out around the time in the summer so unless a pile of money falls in my lap, ah’m 'oot unfortunately!

Can’t do the first weekend as my work are hosting the hospitality tent at the 18th hole at carnoustie on the 20th (anyone wanna come?) But the other dates look GOOD :smile:

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Four women so far!!! That’s a record!! … since I’ve been going anyway :laughing: good!! More please.


I think I mean the 21st because if it was the Thursday that would be fine. But it is the friday, so I can’t do the 21st, and I don’t think I’ll be up for a meat the day after either as it’s an exhausting day and I have to get up at 4am on the friday to get there. :weary::scream::golf::golfing_woman:

the open you say?! :thinking: :grinning:

You’ll need to change your lawyers and put some work my way (YES, that is exactly how it works.):joy::rofl:

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But i’m in the middle of so many things with my lawyers right now :weary: :grimacing::grinning:

Damn lawyers :wink:

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Cannae wait to see what shirt Lo-Pan’s wearing on the night tbf.


@lo-pan what is your most flamboyant shirt?

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Funnily enough I ordered a shirt online last week and knew I was either gonna love it or hate it cos it was a bit colourful, anyway got it and sent it straight back. :grinning:

I don’t of course think my shirts are that flamboyant, however I’ve just got a new one which one of my pals when seeing it said ‘fuck me pal, I’d never wear that!’ :grimacing::grinning:


Haha, harsh! I’ve had similar things said to me.

“What the fuck are you wearing?” being the most memorable :smiley: Pfft.

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Thank you! I’ll probably be out of the UK from 1st August so might not be able to make it to this one unfortunately…

Haha I’ve had that a couple of times, and any time I have had that I’ve felt validated in my outfit :grinning::+1:


@casinobay ! Have you voted yet?