Glasgow to San Sebastian


People of Glasgow, or Scotland, or anyone who has travelled from scotland to san sebastian. How did you gte there, am i missing a trick?! Cos i’ve got an ATDs stag do there in july and it seems to be a fucking pain to get to.


Getting pretty fucking sick of you angling for lifts off me, pal.


oh are you headin along as well?! gies a lift


Pilgrimage? You should walk.


could you go via Bilbao or Madrid?


fly to biarritz then drive


checked em both out as well, bit a hassle


biarritz eh?! hmmm


Fly to Biarittz and then train to San Sebastián via Hendaye


might have to go via prestwick iirc though




Might do some work now.


I always fly to Biarittz then there’s a regular coach that takes like 40 mins tops

This site is good for finding routes:

I’ve been quite a lot so if you want any tips let me know


Oh and the coach does not stop at the bus stops - turn right out of the airport and wait on the corner, god knows why they don’t signpost this


Thanks Scout :slight_smile:
How’s little Scout?


Ooo but if you do Bilbao instead (wouldn’t bother tbh) the airpot is beautiful


I fell in a massive pile of dog shit before a flight at Bilbao airport in the late 90s.


and all i got was this lousy t-shirt


hasn’t been back to spain since


and now i’m a lesbian