Glasgow vs Edinburgh DiS meet


Hey you! Yes… YOU!

Everyone else seems to be doing it so I guess that means we probably should too!! :smiley:

First things first… is anyone up for it and if so, where the heck should we do it?

  • Glasgow YES!
  • Edinburgh YES!
  • No fun, not ever.

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Saturday thread if you like

The votes are IN.
Glasgow it is!!


Me and Mrs casino"I’ve got 3 kidneys"bay will be there


Preference for Edinburgh obvs, but don’t mind coming through as there’s more of yiz in Glasgow :slight_smile:


Haha, If people are up for it I am fully expecting it to be Glasgow but you never know!! There might be some underground Edinburghites that’ll come up to the surface and bump up the Edinburgh numbers! I am doubtful but there is hope. I am expecting me and @cutthelights to do some bonding on the train/bus back :smiley:


Eh, it’s sleazys, we meet at sleazys! :grinning::+1::grinning::beer::tumbler_glass:


Why Sleazys?!




WELL THIS IS WHY YOU GUYS SHOULD HAVE ORGANISED THIS :wink: I don’t know these things! Haha!!!


Something, something buckfast


It’s where dreams come true


Haha, I don’t think this is true but then I haven’t been there for years. If my dreams don’t come true upon entering the pearly gates of Sleazys there’ll be trouble.

P.S. Vote then ya drunkard!


Only been in sleazys twice but each time encountered unexpected craic so :+1:


Explain to me what “Unexpected Craic” took the form of?


It’s a sleazys thing


Something, something buckfast!


Dreams don’t always come true there but I’ve met loads of the DiS good cunts there


Eh once just having the craic with strangers, second time being invited to an after party and not getting home till 5pm the next day


Okay so, after that landslide of votes …Glasgow it is.


Eh so… what about…

can someone else handle dates please? I’ve done enough :smiley: Haha!!