GLASGOW - weekday daytime hangouts


Hola. I’ve defo asked this before but always nice to get see if anything new and exciting has happened. I’m heading up for the Celtic v City game tomorrow and have about 4 hours to spare before I start proper pre-match drinking preparations. Do you have any favoured establishments for beers and snacks that would potentially be fun on a Wednesday mid-afternoon? Preferably central/east, just for geographical convenience. Apart from WEST, I don’t really have anywhere specific in mind.


Do you enjoy travelling in the back of a van?




The state, obviously


Also, drygate


go here it’s great - it’s within walking distance of parkhead too


Bit gutted, thought this match was tonight. I’m gonna be at my studio in Dalmarnock while this is going on :persevere:


Go and eat at @Smee’s wood-fired pizza street food truck:


McHuills high st perhaps


Definitely not the louden tavern


Unless you’re a documentary film maker.


Or that macgregors pie and pint place


SOLD. Looks spot on.


i’ll probably be there from about half 5ish too


Really like drygate, nice bunch of folk who work there as well


aye it’s great, deadly too, i don’t seem able to just go in for an hour, every time i’ve been in it’s turned into a whole day shot


I ended up going here to start with. Duck pie and a decent ale for £7. Can’t complain at all. Plus it was a proper pub featuring old men and everything. Good stuff.


yeah it’s a nice enough place, never really go out my way to go there (Blackfriars is nearby) but it’s decent for pie and a pint. If you go when it first opens or as it’s closing the pies are £1 too