Glasgow Young Team vs DiS bike wankers: the MEAT

Saturday, August 26th

put it in your diary!

venue: TBC
time: TBC

see you there, yeah?


there’s badges to be won!!1!

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@plasticniki Why have I not got this badge?

i started @ inviting people to this thread but then instantly forgot who i’d already sent one too

basically FAO: anyone in scotland or anyone that can ride a bike

WAAAAAAAH, that’s my cousins wedding :sob:

I can’t believe that this is an actual badge and that I haven’t been granted it yet


aw whit

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Oh wait, what is this? I’m confused.

august 26th we will be in glasgow drinking the beer

itinerary so far:
am - bicycles
pm - bevvy


because i have been extremely not arsed about giving it out

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Ugh, gutted. SO GUTTED.

Everyone is getting married on the 26th of August, haven’t you heard? I’ve already been invited to two weddings that weekend. I’ll be up north.

Didn’t know you were a… reverse Mormon.



We will also be in Glasgow on the Sunday evening.

(although you don’t have a bank holiday the day after, haha)

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Just had my lunch, thanks.

actually i just tried to grant it to you but can’t fucking remember how :disappointed_relieved:

I hear September is lovely, especially round the 9th… you should have it then :smiley:

you have no idea how difficult this has been to pick a date already

get your cousin to shift her wedding