Glass Animals have broken a record….

Think it means 35 non-consecutive weeks in various Decembers since 1994!

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Oh that’s much less alarming.

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They’re saying there’s a new Glass ceiling for the US charts…

Seem like decent people and IMO their second album How To Be A Human Being is the best one.

Never thought I’d be “that guy” who thinks a band’s most popular song is their worst (often pretentious and influenced by stuff like overplay which I don’t care about), but here I am saying it about Heat Waves. They have so many better songs


No, because it’s not consecutive weeks but total weeks it seems. Carey’s song took 25 years to get to number 1, which seems ridic but I guess Americans love trad songs more or did?

It clearly takes 25 years to become trad

Mmmbop, Barbie Girl & Spice up Your Life are now trad

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listening to how to be a human being, really good record. :slight_smile:


I just wanted to say that I think about this comment every time I hear this song, and for that I thank you

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