Glass chopping boards



Stop getting being an adult wrong.

Show us your utensils / kitchen advice thread

Cannot fathom why these exist or why anyone would buy one, maybe the most egregious example of aesthetics at the expense of functionality in our stupid, modern world.


look much nicer in racist photography tbh


Such an unsatisfactory chopping sound as well.


Unsatisfactory sound, ruin your knives, stuff slips all over the place on them, they are a complete waste of time and money


horrible noise. blunts knives.




Awful. But I have one as a surface protector. Put hot things from the oven on it etc. Never cut on it.


I hate the feel and sound of them.

Definitely a low point of ATP festivals was when you tried to prepare dinner in your chalet and realised that you had to use a glass chopping board.


Do you think we’ve found a DiS great leveller or will somebody come in claiming they’re the best thing for raw meat or some shit?


Now that Marckee has backed our cause I think we’re home free!




@thewza is a glass chopping board man


i’m sure TKC or ttf are currently working on an impossible opinion


This really doesn’t surprise me.


Hard to accept the opinion of a man who’s never opened a tin of anything.


And that twat Barry Hogan wonders why it became financially unviable!


Wait, what?!
I’m absolutely point blank refuse to cut/chop up fish/shellfish on anything but a glass chopping board


You’re having me on here right?!


Meats etc - plastic chopping board
Veg/fruit - wooden chopping board
Fish/shellfish - glass chopping board