Glass chopping boards



Wee tip for you… cut everything with scissors - no chopping board!! You’re welcome.


I’m speechless.


Fucking hell. Just when you thought we’d found ONE THING that we could reach a peaceful agreement on


And Lo-Pan, Lo-Pan, of all people.


Are you fucking serious?


More hygienic obviously


I think his silence speaks volumes.


Don’t cut your wee tip with scissors - adulting 101 that


I got one for Christmas once, had a picture of a cassette tape on it or something. Used it once and had nightmares for weeks. Would rather kill myself than use it again.


Am i fuck! Glass chopping boards are for the absolute worst cunts! Who the fuck uses glass chopping boards apart from the absolute worst cunts?!

Wooden chopping boards all the way for this Glaswegian.


This last 25 minutes have been this:


There was some weird point in the 80s when they were really popular. Not sure why but I remember my mum got one at that stage. Not sure what was special. Supposedly more hygienic or something?


People aged 45 - 65 love glass stuff because it feel futuristic to them - look at architecture the breadth of the country.

Once our generation become their age we’ll start building things properly, out of stone again because we fuckin hate glass as it reminds us of greed and hubris and poor taste


Bit presumptuous. Theo is 70.


I have a few that I use horizontally, i dont chop on them either, I call them windows


I have, and use, two glass chopping boards.

Speak to you soon!

Great DiS levellers of our time (rolling)

I have one that I make sandwiches on, no really chopping as it makes me feel on edge the funny noise.

It has a pig of happiness on.

In short, I agree


slicky, is everything ok?


Was cooking three different meals whilst typing that, all is now fine. Thank you…


Pffft typical :wink: