Glass of Water

My mate Fred has his glasses of water in a mug instead

Why do they do that?

Sometimes get given tea in a glass at a cafe.

It all balances out.

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He told me it’s because he likes having a handle available for preventing spillages etc but, I dunno man, he’s such a clever bloke… I think he’d be perfectly fine to have a glass of water in a glass and not spill it


I don’t like it when that happens


Buy him a glass with a handle for Christmas

You should suggest a pint glass thing with a handle

Good idea, both. Thanks

Can’t blame you for muting me tbh


Oh funky I don’t think that was there when I was typing.

Would never mute you darling

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Marckee does this

I do this too

This is why

This does not apply to me

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It’s such a good suggestion that it needs saying twice

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I don’t think I’d enjoy the mouthfeel of a cold drink in a ceramic mug


I sometimes drink water out of a mug as a treat, mug feels nicer than a glass. It’s a bit like when you go to a proper German beer place and you get ceramic steins for your tasty wheat beer, only it’s a 15-year-old Coffee Republic mug and tap water.


Drinking water from a mug feels wrong unless it’s a glass mug. Will pretty much drink any beverage from a glass mug

Beverages ive had in a glass mug today so far:
-ginger tea
-orange juice

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Tell Fred to get some highballs and put an end to this nonsense, the country’s in crisis for heaven’s sakes.

I always drink my water out of an empty 500ml Pepsi Max bottle

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But then it can’t be empty. Schrödinger’s bottle.