• I have to wear glasses all the time
  • I choose to wear glasses all the time
  • I wear glasses only for something specific like reading or driving
  • I don’t need glasses

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  • Short-sighted
  • Long-sighted
  • Astigmatic
  • Some other issue

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Glasses generally, contact lenses for sports


I’m -3.25 I think, who’s got the fuckedest vision here?


Had an eye test the other day as it happens.

Perfect vision.

Take that you four-eyed twats.


One of my friends is something like -5. When she wanted to try on some new glasses frames I had to take a photo of each one she was trying, because she couldn’t see the mirror.

She wouldn’t survive in the wild.


minus five!? bet the lenses are proper thick


-4.75 I think? that’s one of the numbers anyway I don’t understand how prescriptions work


For people with bad eyesight

  • I wear contact lenses all the time
  • I sometimes wear contacts
  • I have tried contacts but hate them
  • I have never tried contacts

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Yeah new glasses are expensive for her because of the lenses- you can pay more to get thinner lenses.


Yeah I did that once, then realised thicker frames suit me better anyway so bd


I always wear mine despite not needing them all the time. No idea why. Maybe to make ppl think I’m smart?


-7.75 / -8.25

I’m stupidly short sighted. Have worn glasses full time since I was 5!


Just specific things


@_Em snap!


I have to have super, super thin specialist lenses. Cost £285 last time in order to make them light enough not to hurt my nose and accommodate my prescription :frowning:


I know a 31 yo lass that is over -10 in both eyes. Poor thing is waiting for her prescription to stabilise to be able to have laser eye surgery.

I have a big disparity between my eyes -2.75/-0.5, which causes blurred vision when playing football but is fine for everything else.



Is your depth perception totally different with and without glasses? I only really wear mine for close-up stuff like reading, computer etc, but not all 3d screens work for me. Some of them work fine, but others flicker back and forth between the two images. (Haven’t tried in the cinema, because it would be annoying to leave the film because it was giving me a migraine).


-4.75, -2.25


Thinning is for cunts. look at this (c&p’d from a thread on old dis):

Specsavers Woman: “They have recommended thinning on the lenses” (they?) “which normally costs £98 per pair but we can do you for £60 per pair, and comes with free anti glare coating” etc etc.
Smee: "Can you show me how different they will be if I do or don’t get the thinning?"
SW: flashes crappy picture, not to scale "yeah it will be significant with your prescription"
S: "do you have any actual lenses I can see to compare?"
SW: "no"
S: "can you tell if the lenses in my current glasses have been thinned?"
SW: "no"
S: “no thanks then”