I couldn’t fine a thread on them, although I thought there was one. Anyway, looks like they might finally have a new album in a fortnight, maybe.

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awesome. i absolutely loved coloring book, well hype for this.


holy shit

yeah, i loved that ep. was great live too, although I’m pretty sure that wasn’t the general consensus amongst the Reading crowd when they only played 2 other songs.

yeah the reaction was disappointing. i’m glad they came back with new songs and had evolved their sound and hope that’s continued here!

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I cannot believe this news. Certainly very uplifting given the recent outing of many rock band members as creeps.
Colouring Book was so eclectic and varied, while New White Extremity was very cold school sounding. Very excited to hear what this album will sound like.

is the track out already?

Which track?

new white extremity?

Yep! Been out a while.

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Been out for a year or two - hard to remember, everything’s so dragged out with them! It’s definitely a regression.

Was anyone at the Old Blue Last gig nearly 2 years ago? The new stuff they played there sounded great (even if the new rhythm section weren’t a patch on Manny and Durijah)

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oh no, is the drummer gone? that’s a real shame

The bassist and drummer of Glass Cloud played with them then, but apparently loads of the recordings they have done in the past few years have the DEP drummer.

who’s going to be a free agent shortly (unless he already has something else on the side)

Hmm looks like he does

Playing in Glassjaw is definitely not a full time gig though, so who knows!

Glassjaw’s Wikipedia page has the guys from Glass Cloud listed as members. Don’t think anyone really knows who is the band now besides Daryl and Beck.

Very true. Bit gutted as well that Durijah isn’t in the band anymore. Loved where they were going with Coloring Book and Our Color Green; his style seemed to play a major role in that sound

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Very true. The new songs they played at the Old Blue Last sounded good though, so I’m very optimistic about the new album.

Remember when Manny and Durijah joined Saves the Day for a while? That was weird.

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