I think the full track is only available for people with SoundCloud Go+ which explains why it’s currently on 4 plays.

On Spotify here.


Hopefully after the listening party it might get a full release


oh, for some reason it’s on a different page from the main Glassjaw Spotify page:


Yeah, I linked it a couple of posts ago


so you did. sorrry, i just look for pretty pictures

edit: plus i read that via email (gots to get badges) so thought you meant here as in Aus.


I don’t forgive you


I’m glad you at least mulled it over for a good 12 minutes before arriving at that unfortunate decision.


For those with Spotify/bandcamp problems, Shira is also just on youtube.

Also, is it just me or are these new ones (this and New White Extremity) just brilliant? So meaty and groovy, so much going on. Chaotic as hell but just about holding onto the tunes. Much more Worship and Tribute than Coloring Book, obviously, but an even more full on version of the former’s sound. I’m definitely pumped for the album.


it’s out Dec 1


not crazy about either of those new songs tbh


Meh me either :confused:


I remember thinking they were great live, which for a band like yhis, hearing songs for the first time is promising. I am waiting for the album before I give either recorded version much time though.


Agree. They’re a bit too pedestrian by Glassjaw standards for me


hopefully that’s intentional, come back with a couple straightforward bangers and save the more interesting stuff for the album


Worship had Cosmopolitan Bloodloss and Ape Dos Mil as singles and theyre the most pedestrian songs on the album so wouldnt judge off these yet


They’re the two album openers so maybe (I hope) you’re right… I mean at least they’re aggressive which is always how they start their albums


still both great songs tho


This is true. Although Ape Dos Mil was quite a surprise when I heard it


Never liked Ape Dos, just find it a bit dull


I think they might reward repeat listens - there is a lot going on there. Do seem pretty formulaic and not at all a progression though.