“There is a lot going on there. Do seem formulaic”


*updates spreadsheet*


Giz a copy!

I was just curious as to the contradiction




Fermat’s Room is good tbf


Was replying to your ape dos mil comment!


Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. I dont hate it, just thinknits a bit pedestrian and the weakest on the album


Fully mental. It’s the standout track on that record in many ways.


Nah Two Tabs is the best, or Mu Empire


They’re good ones, Bob.


I really like that new song. I’m also a bit pissed though.


Mu Empire is ace - love the way it starts off with tail-end of Tip Yer Bartender.


Prefer their earlier stuff. Jokes, like it all actually :slight_smile:


Actually I think I like shira a lot, picks up as it goes along. Production sounds pretty horrible at the start though?


Just revisited New White Extremity. Love the opening minute and a half or so until the “I’m searching for a familiar place in my surroundings” part which just kills the momentum for me - not the greatest chorus (if you’d call it that). Shira sounds like Deftones trying their hand at ‘post-hardcore’; there are parts I like but more I feel pretty indifferent about. Fingers crossed the rest of the album is up to much much more


Managed a first pass at this and oh dear it ain’t very good on the surface; bit of a dirge. Sounds like they’ve gone way way back to their hardcore roots. I will persist though, maybe I’ve missed some great hidden subtleties


on first listen it just sounded like a tonne of screechy wah noises, bad production and no real songs.


Yeah I think any of the interesting ideas they may have had have been completely lost in the production


This is it really though


They also seem to have strung out the worst moments and cut short the tracks that might go somewhere