Are they fulfilling their contract with Roadrunner by squeezing out a turd or something…


According to this article, they’re free of their Warner contract and that’s why we’ve got a new album


Ah I see. Think I’m just clutching at straws for any other reason why this is a bit of a dud


On Material Control, however, “there’s a simplicity … the fat is trimmed.”

Put the fat back on Daryl!


Oh it’s over


I’m quite enjoying it


If it sounds like Kiss it Goodbye as that interview suggests i’ll be happy…

but the comments above are worrying




I think there’s some good songs buried in there, but it’s all a bit one-note on first listen. Some bollocks as well though. That title track? Erm.


There’s a flicker of an idea there with the title track and my conscience weighs a ton but they really needed to be fleshed out so much more. The title track is barely even a song as it stands. New white extremity is the best song… jeez. Closer is alright too I suppose


Isnt it just a sample of all good junkies… ? Thought it was gonna kick into a song but nope! Yeah the couple slower numbers are the most notable so far.


Yeah think you’re right… that’ll be why I can hear the glimmer of an idea. Totally pointless track in this form


On my third play through. First was on my decent headphones walking to work, and it sounded rubbish. Whacked on Orc by Oh Sees or whatever they want to be called this week afterwards and it was noticeably better sounding. then i listened at work on my skype headset and it sounded a bit better. possibly aided by greater relative volume. I’m now listening on my stereo and it actually sounds quite good; certainly a lot less patchy and abrasive.

Totally agree with what’s been said about the title track. it’s utterly throwaway - essentially a trailer for a single from almost 8 years ago. really odd.

I do like the fact that it sounds like Glassjaw - the gap-less song transitions, sectional song structure and general use of grove driven bass/lack of standard guitar chord use. idk. it’s alright. I’m not actually disappointed with it.


I’ve listened a couple of times now, it’s OK. Hard to see it as a really worthy follow-up after all these years but I guess time will tell.


Very, very meh. Muddy sound. Throw away songs.

It paints a new picture of the first two albums. Now we know what Robinson brought to the table. Not only a famous name and a flashy sound, but also structure and inspiration. And the will not to fail for your own tropisms.


Ross robinson wasnt anything to do with Coloring Book and that was both very different and very good.


I like this but think it is a bit samey. I reckon its a grower though but I am getting the same impression I got with the Movielife’s record where if it was a different band I would be more into it


i think it’s grown on me already, there are some very good songs but i think it tails off a bit towards the end. i feel like it kind of it is what it is. from the interviews they’ve talked about how they set out to make a very quick, 90s hardcore influenced record and that’s what they did.


I’ve only listened to it a couple times but the second half has made zero impression on me, which is weird because they’re usually so strong in that regard. Also don’t think they’ve mixed their formula up enough - it’s all chugga chugga wah wah chorus or what have you. I wanna like it much more than I actually do at the moment. And the riffs really don’t punch hard like they used to either.


It’s grown on me quite a bit, and will continue to do so. I prefer the second half to the first half myself. It really gets going from Stranger Hours onwards (is it called Pretty Hell? Other people think so).
There’s actually a lot going on in this record, it feels like a melding together of all their previous work. I hope they come to the UK again, I missed out on the Old Blue Last show as it seemed to sell out in a minute.