I imagine they will but i hope its a good lineup. Last time they supported Coheed and Cambria and theyre now touring us with the used (!)


I think I was busy at the time of the Coheed and Cambria show, I definitely hope they play with a good band next time round.






i left half way during them, couldnt bear it


This album has gone straight into the best-of-year lists for most Glassjaw fans I know. I always found GJ to be a frustrating band; I love Worship & Tribute but can take or leave just about everything else they’ve done, and they’ve been patchy at best.

That said, I’ve seen the current lineup twice and they’re undeniably a technically fantastic band (no surprise that the bass playing on this record is amazing) but I can’t work out if this album isn’t that good, or if it’s just not for me. This thread has made me feel like maybe I’m not going crazy after all.


The Colour Before The Sun fucking rips, and they’re still absolutely spot-on live.


I didn’t slag off Coheed! Perhaps I should add that I was thinking about going to their show with Glassjaw, but unfortunately I was occupied with something else


aah, my bad. Good ol’ internet tone


I’m actually growing to like this more as well but I think it’s through an unwillingness to not like a Glassjaw album more than anything else. That said I do like new white extremity, shira, closer, my conscience weighs a ton and cut and run; although the latter is cut far too short and is not an album closer for me. I don’t mind golgotha, bibleland 6 and strange hours (at a push) either. The rest I could live without. All in all I think there’s just about enough decent material here for an EP. Maybe they should’ve stuck with that format… and next time get a producer or some sort of third party to bring a bit more focus and objectivity to the process


I wasn’t really impressed by this when it came out, but it’s actually really grown on me. It’s no Everything… but it’s good.


They are playing the Brixton Academy on the 18th August, which puts them in the country at the right time for an even t near me a week later…


ooooooh shiiiiiiit


Struggling to think of a worse band/venue combo than Glassjaw @ Brixton (purely talking about sound quality, obvs)


thought they were really drab when i saw them headline there in 2007. I’ve seen them thrice since; twice as supports and once mid-afternoon in a tent at Reading and enjoyed each of those a lot more.


It’s a completely different band now, and the current lineup is fucking great. Insane rhythm section But Brixton just eats heavy bands, let alone a band with such brutal yet nuanced guitar work.


that reading set looked amazing


Was it on TV?


i think so maybe? i saw it on youtube


Wonderful. As I’m sure I’ve posted numerous times before, i really enjoyed that set with my bro, bt felt the crowd weren’t really into the idea of hearing stuff they’d probably not given enough of a chance live.