yeah can understand the grumbles but i love coloring book so would have loved to have seen that!


So wish I was there!


Trailer Park Jesus, for me Clive


Very curious to know how this board in particular feels about the lyrical content of Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Silence in today’s political climate.


Not a huge fan of the album to begin with but yeah, obviously pretty horrendous lyrics which he has effectively disowned


The lyrics are awful but as Eric says, they have disowned them and they were just young at the time. Think they were written more to shck than anything. Do find it a bit funny that Beating Hearts Baby gets played still considering what else he wrote


This is really it… funny it didn’t seem as horrendous at the time. Dont think I really processed the bile behind the lyrics at 15, just loved the tunes


As much as I love the album I’ve never even thought about defending the lyrics. They’ve only seemed to play Siberian Kiss from that album in recent setlists which I’ve found quite telling. I prefer Worship & Tribute anyway.


Thanks for the link. I was unaware of this.


exclusive fans will have the exclusive opportunity to pay £30 for a single LP


The fact it’s less in dollars in America too


i suppose it does allow people who can’t attend the show the opportunity to also be ripped off for merch :rofl:


Quite a good album actually innit


Aye. In hindsight I wish I had given it more time before I started tearing it apart. It’s very good


They are selling Brixton tickets for £19.93, if anyone wanted to go for a better price



That is depressing. Saw them on Saturday at Brixton and thought they weren’t bad but nothing particularly memorable either.

I somehow fit them in with At The Drive-In - almost mythical/cult band that made a huge impact when they played comeback shows and focused on their ‘classic’ older material - people who didn’t catch them the first time finally get to see the songs they’ve lived with live. Both bands release a new album to a seemingly collective shrug and interest in them falls off a cliff. Must be tough as a band!


tbf, they were an late announced set on the main stage at a fest which didn’t have many similar bands, on at the start of the day


The main difference between the two bands is that the new glassjaw album is good


True it is definitely good! Just felt like a bit of a damp reception at the time - massive grower though (as comments above say).