Glastonbury '17 Recommendations

Not a criticism of it, but is Solange’s music big festival type music? Not that The National are particularly though.


(if the band are good enough, and I can’t see why they wouldn’t be)

(perfect as an underheadliner on a medium-sized stage anyway)

Know someone who was at her Primavera set and said it was pretty joyous. He thought she’d be too cool for school but apparently it was a party.


Genuinely can’t imagine not seeing Katy Perry.

Solange was a joy at Primavera, it’s all dancing and smiles


Just looked at the line up again, and the “headline” slot is pretty tosh on Saturday and Sunday across all stages. Not sure I’ve seen anything like that at Glastonbury. Still v jealous of those going. Weather looks decent as well which really makes the weekend.

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Yeah there’s still tons of great stuff on but its only really Radiohead and The Flaming Lips who stand out for me as headliners across the three days.

Shame those are up against each other. Flaming Lips on the park stage will be great

I think putting them against each other is an attempt at crowd control. I imagine a LOT of people want to see Radiohead, but a LOT of people who like Radiohead also like the Flaming Lips.

Really wish they were doing Sunday instead. Compared to Friday and Saturday it’s undeniably overwhelming, and closing the whole thing with Do You Realize would be special.

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Nope. No Jello, no Dead Kennedys.


Kiefer Sutherland

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Mark Lanegan

Thanks everyone, will report back. I did all this last year and hardly ended up seeing anybody. Still had a great time though.

If you look anything like your profile picture, I’ll look out for you!

I look EXACTLY like my profile picture. Look out for me!

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Can’t see any reason why that wouldn’t happen. See you there.

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Bah just realised that Forest Swords clashes with Chic. It’s almost certainly going to have to be Chic.

Enjoy the weekend? Who did you see?

I saw:

Napalm Death
The Pretenders
Ata Kak
The XX
The Bootleg Beatles
Vieux Farka Toure
British Sea Power
Jeremy Corbyn
Run The Jewels
Some guy on a tiny stage in Theatre & Circus singing about lobsters
The National
The Foo Fighters
Extreme Noise Terror
Real Estate
King Gizzard & The Wizard Lizard
Ruby Wax
Biffy Clyro
System 7

Apart from a couple of low moments it was just marvellous; the best time I’ve had since 2009.

How was it for you? What did you see?

What was the deal with the exclusive section at the front of the pyramid stage? Don’t tell me even Glastonbury have a vip section down the front to keep the plebs out.

Not sure what area you’re referring to there, that’s just people who get in-front early.

On the telly there looked to be a second set of crash barriers about 30 rows back, wasn’t obvious to me where the access in and out of the front area was. But as long as it wasn’t like some super exclusive area for American Express card holders only that’s ok.