Glastonbury 2017 (Armchair viewing thread)

Couldn’t see a thread for this, for those of us stuck at home watching the BBC coverage this weekend. Anything you’re planning on tuning in to, what have you enjoyed watching and which presenters are doing your head in?

Looking forward to the absolute boy on the Pyramid Stage at 4.15 tomorrow.


Indeed. Pyramid stage is a real odd one tomorrow, Craig David > Run The Jewels (w/ intro from JC) > Katy Perry > The National > Foo Fighters


Still can’t quite get my head around the fact Jez will be introducing RTJ. The world has gone to hell in a handbasket lately, but there’s still treasure everywhere.


Does Jez even know who RTJ are? I only found out t’other day.


Will RTJ even be there after Mike’s mum passed last night? They haven’t officially been ruled out, but I’ll be surprised if they are still playing.

Doubt I’ll watch much TV coverage, but will watch a load of sets online after the event.

Anderson Paak tonight is the big one for me. Looking forward to that.

Place is gonna POP massively


Mark Lanegan on the Park Stage now.


I’m particularly looking forward to the bloke from Sleaford Mods pressing the play button on his laptop and then mincing around with his bottle of Becks.


A friend has got a vid of Ed Balls drunkenly singing, nowt will top that

Fuck off glastonbury you fucking shithouse shithole for your city banker twats pretending to be fucking hippies for the fucking weekend and yer middle class brexit twat cunt crowd.


I’m actually just quite annoyed i opted out of tickets :frowning:


so far I’ve seen a bit of Blossoms, First Aid Kit, Circa Waves, Pat Thomas & the Kwashibu Area Band and Glass Animals. all of which have been ok. I think i quite like Glass Animals actually, in a MOR sort of way.

went to see them live year for the first time, thought they were really good fun

yeah, I think i thought they were a bit more straight chart music, previously. Don’t think i gave them enough credit.

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any word on the TBA on the Park at half seven, and whether it will be televised?

Angel Olsen is on at 18:00 at the Park Stage! Curse living in Ireland as I can’t watch this shit online.

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hate watching Glasto on tv, just makes me annoyed im not there


'shyer girl, @Twinkletoes

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