Glastonbury 2017 (Armchair viewing thread)

Did you hear paranoid android?

Can’t wait until the radioheads play this banger

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There, There was predictably great…fucking tune


Remember the last headline set being a lot better

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Yeah, maybe I just haven’t been paying attention and he’s always been a weak vocalist live.

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Only DiS listeners could tear into a Radiohead headline set.

You miserable, contrary, fuckers


Aye that sounded great

All this energy, groove and drums just further cements AMSP as a limp dirgefest

They are totally slaying this. Exceptional band. Generations and beyond.


I’m not really a radiohead fan (liked OK computer for about a month when I was 16, and have enjoyed bits and pieces since), but this has been pretty good (watching on BBC 2 just now). Just lacks momentum - there’ll be a couple of really good performances in a row then it hits a lull. I imagine if you’re a fan it’s very enjoyable though.

Nah. It’s by no means their best, but you need all the shades of Radiohead

Imagine having an opinion about something

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Mr Creep!

or a #hottake as it’s called on here


Creep. Both a burden and a gift all at the same time. Beautiful. Music. It’s why we’re here DIS.


I guess. Just dont care for it. All seems to blend into one and something about the production puts me off…sounds a bit muddy and flat

Fair criticisms really. I guess if I went to see them and they didn’t play any songs from AMSP I wouldn’t mind all that much…but in general I like chilled, strings-heavy music so as an album it would always appeal.

Thom’s face just then. The best Aphex Twin sleeve…

They seemed slightly more on point at Primavera but Weird Fishes is timeless, stunning

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