Glastonbury 2017 (Armchair viewing thread)

There were a couple of exceptions (FJM, National, Radiohead) but in general, the number of standard “guitar bands” was very low…which is more a reflection of industry focus than lack of quality “rock” (or indie rock, if you like) out there.

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I enjoyed Nothing but Thieves

I thought the national were poor tbh. And I’m not getting into a Radiohead argument :grinning:

Over the last year though I have enjoyed watching pop/grime artists live a lot more than guitar bands.


Enjoyed this :smile:


Obviously dependent on you’ve seen in the last year I guess.

Unless you just want to pop over here:

just would have been nice if he shut the fuck up occasionally

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And played a song rather than telling the crowd “WE’RE GONNA PLAY FOR 300 MORE HOURS!!!1111!!!”

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And maybe stopping Monkey Wrench once it hit the 20-minute mark rather than playing it for what seemed like my entire life

Dave Grohl in “loud obnoxious American” shocker.

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We’re the only[belch]friends we’ve got, Glasto. It’s just Foo Fighters and Glasto. Fooo Fighters and Glasto and their adventures, Glasto. Foos and Glasto, forever and forever, a hundred years Foos and Glasto, s… things. Me and Foos and Glasto runnin’ around and Foos and Glasto time. Aaall day long forever. All, a hundred days Foos and Glasto forever a hundred times. Over and over Foos and Glasto adventures dot com W W W dot Foos and Glasto dot com W W W Foos and Glasto adventures all hundred years. Every minute Foos and dot com W W W hundred times Foos and Glasto dot com.


I noticed that - during Stormzy and Boy Better Know. Not sure if this is a Grime thing at all.

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‘That song doesn’t usually last three hours, but we got into a serious thing … and then I forgot how it ended.’


Just a bit unnecessary. They could have crammed in loads more songs in during that time. The thing is, they started off really well; Times Like These/All My Life/Learn To Fly. I was surprised how much I like The Pretender as well! It all went a bit “eh” really afterwards, except for This Is A Call, which I so desperately wanted to bleed into I’ll Stick Around, but no.

Think when they played Reading a few years back they played Wattershed and it was incredible.

Found the setlist, fucking win:

Ruined Glastonbury apparently

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out of all the bad takes anyone has ever had about anything, this is the worst

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oh shit, i was wrong. this is now officially the most bad take

Foo Fighters were horrendous

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