Glastonbury 2017 (Armchair viewing thread)


Creep. Both a burden and a gift all at the same time. Beautiful. Music. It’s why we’re here DIS.


I guess. Just dont care for it. All seems to blend into one and something about the production puts me off…sounds a bit muddy and flat

Fair criticisms really. I guess if I went to see them and they didn’t play any songs from AMSP I wouldn’t mind all that much…but in general I like chilled, strings-heavy music so as an album it would always appeal.

Thom’s face just then. The best Aphex Twin sleeve…

They seemed slightly more on point at Primavera but Weird Fishes is timeless, stunning

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What day is corbyn on?

And will he play the hits?


Think that was him dressed as Lord buckethead, introducing the sleaford mods


Tomorrow at 4ish before RTJ

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Was enjoying the set, came on here to see what was being said.

Bloody hell you lot can moan.


You are moaning now

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2 + 2 = 5 was mint


Lips are doing a Bowie cover

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My favourite thing about Radiohead these days is that they have the drummer from Portishead who is a way better than Philip Selway.

I do wonder how Phil feels about all that.

Probably not fussed, what with being a minted member of Radiohead and wotnot

Further to my last, that was a very strong finale

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Hopefully we cut to Radcliffe after this set and he’s had 19 ciders during it.

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*been told to go home

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