Glastonbury 2019 - Armchair viewing thread

We normally have one of these too, so here you go. Currently got a bit of Georgia on the Park. Not listened to her before. quite enjoyable. Bit annoyed the stages didn’t start broadcasting until 2ish, Missed MØ on the Other stage and Acid Temple Mothers. oh well. Off to Sheryl Crow soon, obvs.

Will probably tune in for Mac Demarco after I get home around 3-ish. Then maybe some Pond and The Comet Is Coming. The rest (basically the 5 main stage headliners) I’ll catch up with later as I’m out tonight.

Ooft! The Crowster is bringing the big guns early doors.

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Imagine Sheryl Crow came on stage to a sold out audience and played her songs really badly. That would be a murder of Crow’s

Thankfully, she’s not done that today. This looks and sounds like a lot of fun.


Probably just watch Janelle Monae and Wu Tang Clan.

I say “watch”, I know fine will I’m going to forget they’re on.

Got Swindle on West Holts on at the moment. Seems ramshackle but good fun

Just saw Goat Girl on the John Peel stage, Fontaines DC coming up next.

Fuck Fontaines are good. Yet another band I missed out on seeing live in person by getting into them about 6 weeks after they played in town.

haven’t fully got on board with the record yet, but enjoying this performance.

Watching Mac. The man is a total plonker, but the songs are sounding good (other than that crappy Choo Choo one from the latest album)

I always found his first 2 albums really pleasant but, he is very annoying live particularly since the guy who records as Homeshake buggered off.

I wish the record was as raucous as this.

yeah, I think that’s my problem with it.

I think “pleasant” pretty much sums up his music perfectly, but yeah, a deeply annoying live act. Only seen him in person once and I was very drunk so don’t remember a huge amount of his set.

Enjoying BCUC on West Holts stage now; really impressed that live coverage is available for smaller stages like this; real value for the license fee here.

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Quite pleased to see there’s more on iPlayer than the BBC site led me to believe. Listening to Georgia now that work as quietened down a bit. Will try to see DC Fontaines and The Comet is Coming later on.

I only seem to be able to watch live, got King Princess on at the moment. Is it possible to watch stuff from earlier in the day?

I can rewind the feed but it is a pain finding the start of a set

Ah, didn’t think of that - cheers!

Last year it was about 12 hours after it broadcast that you could rewatch sets. iPlayer will let you start live sets from the beginning of you get to them late.